A Century of Service: The U.S. Navy on Cape Henlopen; Lewes, Delaware, 1898-1996. 


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1. Early Naval




2. WW I: Naval Section Base____.


3. WW II:Harbor Entrance Control Post (HECP)

and Captain of the Port (COTP)____.


4. Cold War: Naval  


Radio Station____.


5. Cold War:Navy Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS) Naval Facility (NavFac) ____.


6. Cold War:Terminal Building oNavFac___

7. Harbor Defense Units____




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Navy Radio Day

2PM 27 & 28 June

Biden Center, Cape Henlopen State Park


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The U.S. Navy maintained installations on Cape Henlopen continuously from 1898 until 1996. (See map below.)

The recently published book: A Century of Service: The U.S. Navy on Cape Henlopen, Lewes Delaware, 1898-1996 provides the history of that Navy presence.

Purchasers of the book can use the ID "reader" and the password provided on page 133 of the book (EXCEPT use 7 vice &) and click on the ___ after any installation to access pages providing additional information and pictures.

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To see a news article about the Delaware Division of Parks and

Recreation unveiling a marker in front of the Biden Environmental

Conference Center commemorating these Navy sites, go here____.

To read about "Submarines at the Cape: Friend and Foe", go here____.