The Navy at Cape Henlopen

A Century of Service 



The U.S. Navy on Cape Henlopen from 1898 to 1996.


1. Early Naval




2. WW I: Naval Section Base____.


3. WW II:Harbor Entrance Control Post (HECP)

and Captain of the Port (COTP)____.


4. Cold War: Naval  


Radio Station____.


5. Cold War:Navy Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS) Naval Facility (NavFac) ____.


6. Cold War:Terminal Building of NavFac _____


7. Harbor Defense Units/Reserves____





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The U.S. Navy maintained a presence on Cape Henlopen from 1898 to 1996.



The naval installations that were on the cape during that period are indicated by the numbers on the map of Cape Henlopen State Park (below) and the key at the left.



To see an illustrated history of the installation click on the ____ after the  name or use the page connections.



To see a news article about the Delaware Division of Parks and

Recreation unveiling a marker in front of the Biden Environmental

Conference Center commemorating these Navy sites, go here____.

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